grima repository

NPCD 0.7

NPCD stand for Network Promiscuous Card Detector, it aim to remotely detect Network Card that are set on Promiscuous mode. Typicaly these cards will run a sniffer...

NPCD is designed to be compatible with Linux, BSD, and Windows (actually only Linux is supported for now) and is placed under the General Public Licence (GPL).

Download: npcd-0.7.tar.bz2 [31 Ko]*

ARP Spoofer 0.9.9

ARP Spoofer is a simple ARP fake reply contructor, it is able to spoof switch and host on a switched network ...

Download: arpspoofer-0.9.9.tar.bz2 [20 Ko]*

Session 0.4.0

TCP-Session Follower (aka session) is a simple interface in ncurses to see active connection on a local network... session is able to cut any given connection too.

Download: session-0.4.0.tar.bz2 [19 Ko]*

Snif 0.3.3

Sniff is a very very simple multi-threaded sniffer ... it open any ethernet interface on your host and display each packet in hex and equivalent asc-ii representation...

Download: sniff-0.3.3.tar.gz [111 Ko]*

Sniff-GL, OpenGL rendered sniffer

Sniff-GL is a sniffer that display in a futuristic 3D environement packet it sniff. It support some popular internet protocol and display directly data carying trought these protocoles. Sniff-GL has NO UTILITY, this program is fully useless (and so completely necessary), it's just for fun , to get a funny tools, that looks likes one in movies :)

For now, only the network part is achevied (not all the protocol module tough), no GL interface is provided ...

Download: sniff-gl-0.1.6.tar.gz [25 Ko]*

RedOctober 0.1.1

Redoctober is a simple modular TCP highjacker. redoctober permit to highjack any TCP connection, and allow with is modular interface to do as you want with it ... (injector, www redirection, just imagine (c) Lego !). It should work on any switched or non switched network ...

This is an very early stage release ... only to demonstrate how powerfull this tools can be ... It is absolutely unusable at this stage ! Please read README included in the release if you want to get a closer look.

Download: redoctober-0.1.1.tar.bz2 [49 Ko]*


ARP Library

arplib is is a simple multi-threaded library to perform ARP over ethernet in your application ... You could use directly the code in you application, or use the shared library.

Download: arp-lib-0.9.9.tar.bz2 [28 Ko]*

Arp Cache Poisonning Library

lib-acp is a simple multi-threaded library that perform an ARP cache poisonning onto the network. this technique is usefull if your application want to perform a MiM attack...

Download: lib-acp-0.4.0.tar.bz2 [28 Ko]*


Note about WinPCAP

Please note that all Win32 application that use raw-socket in this section needs of the WinPCap library.

Download: WinPcap.exe [680 Ko]*

CGI Scan 1.92 Win32

Win32 port of CGI Scan (ver 1.92) by Spacewalker (compiled with Visual C++ 6).

Download: [34 Ko]*

ARP problem in Windows9X/NT

Win32 port of the Win9x/NT ARP's implementation exploit.

Download: [40 Ko]*

Win32 ARP Implementation

Manual and incomplete implementation of the ARP protocol under win32. This DLL can only resolve IP address into MAC address.

WARNING: make use of non-fully-debugged code, don't always work, should be revised ...

Download: [317 Ko]*

Private DLL: getip

Some usefull function to retreive the IP address associated to the local interface. Used for the ARP implementation.

WARNING : Should be revised, a bug was found in the managing of the returned ip's index.

Download: [16 Ko]*

Private DLL: getmac

Some usefull function using SNMP to retreive MAC address associated to the local interface. Utilisée par l'implémentation d'ARP. Used for the ARP implementation.

WARNING : Should be revised, a bug was found in the managing of the returned ip's index.

Download: [18 Ko]*


SCUT (Stealth c0wB0y5 Unidirectionnal Translator) 1.0. Convert the keyboard entry in cowboys writing, can't be stopped.

Download: [23 Ko]*

RtC-Smurf Win32

Win32 port of RtC-Smurf by Sly. The program work, but there still a problem due that the arp.dll library is slooooooooow. Some modification in the way to get gateway are necesary. Anyway, the program is still fully functionnal, but fully ineffective (one packet sent every 2/3 seconds)...

Download: [93 Ko]*

* Tar/GZip and Tar/BZip2 archives are comptaibles with free software 7Zip under Microsoft Windows® and GNU TAR tool under Unix and derivated.